Attention: Extension Of Participation Time For Tender 1/2019

The Supreme Committee of Tender  ( 1/2019 ) announces  that the deadline          

 for the withdrawal of general and technical tender condition and bill of quantities      

extended to 15/01/2019 and the closing date of submission of offers will be            

according  to the following table :-                                                                                                          

1   - Medicine (central items) (1- 1/2019)
- Orthopedic materials (7-1/2019)
12th February 2019
at 14:00 p.m
- Medicines. (general items)  ( 2-1/2019)
- Radiology Supplies  (5-1/2019) 
13th February 2019
at 14:00 p.m
3  - General & special  medical supplies  
- laboratories & Blood Banks
- Dental Material (6-1/2019)
 14th February 2019
at 14:00 p.m


Supreme Committee for supervision of Tender 1/2019 

DateTime:2018-12-12 09:57:30

Announcement for participation in Tender No. (1) for the year 2019

Ministry of Health

Supreme Committee for Supervision of Tender No. (1) for the year 2019

Announcement for participation in Tender No. (1) for the year 2019


The Ministry of Health announces an invitation to all National registered Companies, International registered manufacturers and their authorized local agents, that have the required legal and valid License documents for medicine and medical supply activities and the International manufacturing companies which have invalid registration in Libya , and also the international manufacturing companies which were not registered in Libya and their pharmaceutical products are approved by  EMEA or FDA or both, but they should proceed the registration process in MOH Libya in case of awarding in tender and before signing the contract.

All participating companies should have the efficiency and ability to participate in the Tender  1/2019 for medicines and medical supplies  (Central & General Medicine ,General & Special Medical Devices, Laboratory, Radiology, Dental and Orthopedic)    

According to the following requirements:

1- Withdraw the general and technical tender conditions and bill of quantities  through the web site ( from 03/12/2018 until 28/01/2019 by paying participation fees of nonrefundable value according to Table (1) .

2- Fill out an adoption of the acceptance of tender conditions within 20 days from date of issuing this announcement and email it to

3- The bidders submit technical and commercial offers according to tender conditions and specifications in sealed and stamped envelopes to the supreme tender committee (Alshat Road near Central Blood Bank) on the date according to Table 2.

4- Prepare the commercial offer/s according to the tender documentation.

5- The offer/s should be prepared according to required sequence mentioned in the tender documentation.

6- The origin and source of medicine and medical supplies should be clearly stated.

7- The submitted medicine and medical supply samples should be according to the tender technical specifications.

8-The bidder can participate in some or all items according to the estimated quantities.

9- The bidder shall provide a primary insurance (Bid Bond) at the rate of 0.5% of the estimated value of the commercial offer by unconditioned and confirmed letter of guarantee or by certified cheque issued by one of the working Libyan banks or international bank recognized by Central Bank of Libya for the benefit of the Libyan Ministry of Health. This value will be refunded in the case of non-awarded items, however the value will be raised the full insurance value of the ordered items.

10- The Tender Committee has the right to accept the submitted proper offer even if not the lowest price based on material standard and specifications, delivery time, certificate of experience and good reputation.

11- The tender can be split according to the public interest requirements.

12- The offer should include full technical details of the materials supplied.

13- The Committee has the right to request for further details if necessary and any offer which does not comply with tender requirement shall be ignored.

14-This announcement and the conditions specified in the bylaw of administrative contracts, as well as the attached technical conditions, are considered as an integral part of the tender conditions.


The participation fees should  be paid prior to 28/01/2019 and submit the payment receipt during the submission of the offer/s.

For international Manufactures on :-




TR49 0009 1000 0009 0920 1816 18

TR27 0009 1000 0009 0920 1816 26



Swift code


And for local suppliers to the account of Ministry of Health at Central Bank of Libya  Account No.  (200-2662 )


The closing time for the offer submission of bids will be according to the schedule presented in Table 2  at 14:00 p.m to the email    


Supreme Committee for Supervision

 of Tender No. (1) for the year 2019



Table (1): The value of the participation fee in the tender




The value of the participation fee to the local companies and agents


Value of participation fee to foreign companies



Medicine List (1) (central items) (1/1)


1000 EURO



Medicine List (2) 

( general items)  .( 1/2 )



1000 EURO



General& Special  medical devices(1/ 3)


750 EURO


laboratory and Blood Banks (1/ 4)


750 EURO


Radiology Supplies

  (1/ 5)


300 EURO


Dental Material (1/ 6)


300 EURO


Orthopedic Material

(1/ 7)



300 EURO

   Table (2): Offer SubmissionSchedule:





- Medicine (central items) )1- 1/2019)

- Orthopedic materials (7- 1/2019)

12th febraury2019

at 14:00 p.m


 - Medicines.(general items) ( 2- 1/2019 )

- Radiology Supplies  (5- 1/2019)

13th febraury 2019

at 14:00 p.m


- General&special  medical supplies

(3- 1/2019)

- laboratory Supplies and accessories (4- 1/2019)

- Dentistry supplies (6- 1/2019) 

14th febraury 2019

at 14:00 p.m


DateTime:2018-12-03 12:12:00

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